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British Columbia released New Vaccine Passport Program

Are you using vaccine card or digital vaccine passport where you live?

More and more cities and regions are opting into using technology with vaccine passports. British Columbia, Canada just released its new program requiring people to show in order to enter non-essential business activities. There are plans in Alberta, Canada to create a proof of vaccination card and QR code coming soon in upcoming weeks, as well.

It was only 3 months ago where the state of New York (USA) provided the first government-issued vaccine passport and screening test results in USA with Excelsior Pass. The Excelsior Pass allows businesses and venues to scan and validate a pass, which is still being used and implemented.

In United Kingdom, COVID-19 status certificates are still being issued, but recent plans for vaccine passports have been stopped. This is a reversal of the UK government’s plan to require proof of full vaccination to enter nightclubs and other crowded venues.

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