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COVID-19 Vaccine requirement coming soon at your company?

COVID-19 vaccine or testing requirement coming soon at your company?

Recent news emerged that President Biden will be implementing a requirement for large businesses (>100 employees) to have employees vaccinated for COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing. If weekly testing occurs, details have yet to be released to whether the employer will have to cover the cost of weekly testing or the unvaccinated employees could use the free federal sites or would have to pay out of pocket.

Yesterday, President Biden held a meeting with top business leaders. Those who spoke and met at with President Biden at The White House include CEOs and presidents of The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, Walgreens, Columbia Sportswear Company, Kaiser Permanente, Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, DuPont, and many more. For example, Kaiser Permanente shared its findings about how its employee vaccination rate went from 78% to 90% after it put in place a requirement.

This is the next step to policies announced last week, which required nearly all federal workers and federal contractors to get COVID-19 vaccinations with some exception to continue to be tested weekly if unvaccinated. November 22nd is the current deadline to get most of the federal employees inoculated.

Could this requirement help reduce hospitalizations and COVID-19 spikes still being seen in places in USA?

Photo Caption: President Joe Biden at a meeting with business leaders Sept. 15, 2021. Photo Credit: Oliver Contretas/Getty Images

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