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  • Giving Tuesday 2021
    Today is Giving Tuesday & please consider to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education programs carried out by wonderful nonprofits, such as one developed and implemented by The Yogi Berra […]
  • Power of gratitude and happiness
    What are you grateful for? Do you know how to cultivate gratitude in your life? With upcoming holidays and end of the year reflection, feeling appreciation and being thankful tend to be […]
  • SUSPENDED? OSHA pauses Emergency Temporary Standard for businesses
    The enforcement of COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses is now suspended by U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, pending further court order. Timeline of events: less than 2 months ago, news emerged […]
  • New US COVID-19 Requirement for 100+ employees
    Only a month or so ago, news emerged about President Biden’s plans for large businesses (>100 employees) to have employees vaccinated for COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing. Recently US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR OSHA announced […]
  • The death toll of COVID-19 pandemic reached 5 million people today
    The global death toll of the COVID-19 pandemic reached 5 million people today, roughly under 2 years since first identification of novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 (https://time.com/6112287/5-million-covid-deaths/). The pandemic is still not over until […]
  • What role does corruption play in worsening so-called ‘natural disasters’?
    What role does corruption play in worsening so-called ‘natural disasters’? (Hint – there are no natural disasters!) With recent “bomb cyclone,” natural hazards could create disasters but in many cases, corruption in development […]
  • New Report on Flood Risk in US Infrastructure
    How informed are you with your flood risk and the flood risk of your community’s essential infrastructure? New report by First Street Foundation found flood risk in United States to grow exponentially in upcoming […]
  • Growing Tensions Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates
    What will cut the tensions over COVID-19 vaccines and various mandates placed by governments, businesses and institutions? With many returning to the office, the growing tensions between the ‘vaxxed and unvaxxed’ continue […]
  • Which COVID-19 Mandates to Follow?
    Could politics, healthcare, and business decisions still provide good health outcomes to communities? Implementation of President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement for federal contractors has now caught companies in between politics between State-level and National-level. […]

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