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Was Justice Served to Purdue Pharma?

6 months ago – we were discussing the plea deals with U.S. Department of Justice and Purdue Pharma L.P.. (the bankrupt maker of the OxyContin painkiller).

Purdue Pharma admitted twice (in 2007 and 2020) to illegally marketing opioid medications. Bankruptcy judge recently approves Purdue Pharma plan to resolve the opioid claims, in which also gives civil immunity to owners. The civil immunity gives broad protection from current and future litigation, even though there were objections from nine states and a branch of the Justice Department.

Today, Purdue Pharma obtained court approval to pay up to $7.1 million in incentive payments to five of its top executives if they meet certain goals, despite opposition from U.S. government lawyers.

If you recall, 6 months ago of this quote from a joint statement by U.S. government lawyers:

“Right now, millions of people across the country are desperately suffering from opioid addiction. They need help and they need it now”

Quote from joint statement issued by 20+ US State Attorney Generals

Over 20+ U.S. State Attorney Generals reject the current bankruptcy plan offered by Purdue Pharma, who have ongoing claims against them for their role in the opioid epidemic in United States. Still no admittance from owners of company on wrongdoing, though this addiction crisis has killed more than 450,000 Americans.

Was justice served or further signs of a broken system?

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