COVID-19 Pandemic

100 million doses by June 2021

100 million doses for US by the end of June 2021! A third COVID-19 vaccine option is now available in US. About 500 million doses are being purchased through Covax scheme for many global countries as well.

If you heard me on Clubhouse last two weeks, I did forecast that Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be coming into the fray soon especially after reading the public reports and FDA filings from last week. Having a single shot without extreme restrictions to temperature should allow more vaccines to reach people faster.

The phase 3 study for this single shot vaccine enrolled a total of 43,783 participants, conducted in eight countries across three continents, including the United States, South Africa, and Brazil. Results showed that this single shot was more than 85% effective at preventing serious illness, and 66% effective overall when moderate cases were included. Additionally, there were no deaths among participants in the study who had received the J&J vaccine and no hospital admissions after 28 days post-vaccine.

Credit: NBC News