COVID-19 Pandemic

Protects Me, Protects You

Inspiring campaign by Brigg Reilley and team. Brigg founded it after losing a close family member to COVID-19 and seeing the disproportionate COVID-19 impact on Native American communities. The goal of the “Protects Me, Protects You” campaign (link in comment) is to build confidence in getting vaccinated. All the graphics and messaging (already translated over 20 languages and more on the way) are simple and FREE tools which any of us can use in our organizations, communities, and social circles to share hope and positive messaging during this phase of COVID-19.

Per Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines prevented 95% of cases of COVID-19 disease. While the vaccine stops people from getting sick, however, it is not yet clear if it stops them from spreading COVID-19 to other people. It is also not yet known how long they will be immune. So, everyone must still wear a face covering, physically distance, and not gather.

Help spread the word about vaccines so more people in our communities can be protected. Together we can stop the pandemic’s impact across the world.