COVID-19 Pandemic

100 million doses by June 2021

100 million doses for US by the end of June 2021! A third COVID-19 vaccine option is now available in US. About 500 million doses are being purchased through Covax scheme for many global countries as well.

Mental Health

Does Mental Health Matter to You?

Mental Health Matters – you hear me say it all the time but how much self assessment have you done with yourself during the coronavirus pandemic?


Keeping Elderly Loneliness at Bay! Now published on Public Health Post

Keeping Elderly Loneliness at Bay! If you missed reading the previous publications or webinars on this topic which featured myself and colleagues such as Aaron Clark-Ginsberg, Kristina Conroy, Stacy Mittelstaedt & Simone Bacchini, don’t worry – check out the latest research article on Public Health Post published today (link below & can be found here:

Kristina and I did our best to succinctly summarize what we found in our past research and highlighted ways that technology could help to reduce loneliness. Thanks to Michael Stein, Jennifer Beard, Nicholas Diamond, & rest of the team at Boston University School of Public Health for showcasing our work.


COVID-19 Pandemic

An Unwanted Milestone!

An unwanted milestone! The number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States may surpass 500,000 today. Many COVID-19 dashboard data platforms put the number at about 499,000 at time of writing.

The rise of the death toll has been growing at alarming rate. Roughly, the US coronavirus death toll since last May:
100,000: May 2020
200,000: September 2020
300,000: December 2020
400,000: January 2021
500,000: February 2021

Dr. Anthony Fauci was recently quoted that mask-wearing may continue into 2022. To ensure everyone’s safety, it is looking more and more like that.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Have you heard of Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome among COVID-19 affected children?

Have you heard of Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome among COVID-19 affected children? Most kids recover—but doctors are seeing more children with serious complications including inflammation of the heart muscle and lung abnormalities. These children suffer from fever and inflammation with some having respiratory issues, rashes, abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea.

Data from Israel is showing about 10 to 30% of children and teens recovering from COVID-19 may be affected by long-term complications. In the United States, Onondaga County (New York) is seeing increasing amount of children admitted to hospital with coronavirus – higher than other parts of US at the moment. New variants may be surging this pediatric hospitalization but further analyses are needed.