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“No jab, No job” – latest on vaccine mandate in workplace

“No jab, No job” is being passed around the workplaces this week. Announcement is from Citi to adopt a COVID-19 vaccine mandate policy, marking first major bank with such policy.

Vaccine mandate policy isn’t new to the workplace, especially surrounding coronavirus. Late last year, President Biden pushed out plans for large businesses (>100 employees) to have employees vaccinated for COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing. President Biden held meetings with many business leaders at The White House include CEOs and presidents of The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, Walgreens, Columbia Sportswear Company, Kaiser Permanente and many more.

Beginning this year and with increased cases of omicron variant of coronavirus, companies like JPMorgan Chase & Co., Google and United Airlines have already implemented a mandatory vaccination or risk of losing employment or go on unpaid leave.

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