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Power of gratitude and happiness

What are you grateful for? Do you know how to cultivate gratitude in your life?

With upcoming holidays and end of the year reflection, feeling appreciation and being thankful tend to be on our minds – well at least for me. It has been a long, challenging and roller coaster year, especially with COVID-19 pandemic, and it can be tough to see the ‘good’ over the ‘bad.’

I say this often – your mental health matters. Positive psychology research has taught us that gratitude is consistently and strongly associated with greater happiness. Gratitude also helps us to build strong relationships, such as this great online community. I am thankful for being part of your network and being included in your active reading list.

Further short reads:

From Harvard Medical School on giving thanks can make you happier

From Danna Markson of Mindsoother Therapy Center’s 2016 blog post on ways to cultivate gratitude

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