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The death toll of COVID-19 pandemic reached 5 million people today

The global death toll of the COVID-19 pandemic reached 5 million people today, roughly under 2 years since first identification of novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 ( The pandemic is still not over until it is over everywhere.

The U.S., European Union, Britain and Brazil account for one-eighth of the global population, but almost half of reported deaths from the coronavirus. For example, US leads the world in the number of confirmed deaths from the virus with more than 745,800 people dead from COVID-19, then Brazil (with more than 607,000 deaths) and India (with more than 450,000 deaths) [].

Anticipation of another surge of new cases in some countries will continue to create doubt & ethical concern if communities will be safe in long-term for community protection for all. It was only about month ago when United States was the first country to hit 40 million coronavirus cases. The next country at that time near that mark was India with 33 million coronavirus cases, then followed by Brazil with 20 million coronavirus cases.

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