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New Report on Flood Risk in US Infrastructure

How informed are you with your flood risk and the flood risk of your community’s essential infrastructure?

New report by First Street Foundation found flood risk in United States to grow exponentially in upcoming years due climate change.

Climate disasters have already caused at least 388 deaths and more than $100 billion in damage this year in the United States (The Wall Street Journal).

Some findings provided in the new report by First Street Foundation (Axios):

– Currently about 2 million miles of road are at risk of becoming “impassable” due to flooding in US

– Nearly a million US commercial properties, 17% of all social infrastructure facilities, and 12.4 million residential properties also have “operational risk”

– Over the next 30 years, about 1.2 million US residential properties & 2,000 critical US infrastructure places (airports, healthcare facilities, hospitals, fire stations, hazardous waste sites and power plants) will be at risk of becoming inoperable due to flooding

The report focuses on flooding being caused from sea level rise, heavy rainfall, and in some cases a combination of the two in its analyses.

📸 Infrastructure at risk of becoming inundated due to flooding in today’s climate. First Street Foundation.

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