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Growing Tensions Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

What will cut the tensions over COVID-19 vaccines and various mandates placed by governments, businesses and institutions?

With many returning to the office, the growing tensions between the ‘vaxxed and unvaxxed’ continue to build. Spilling over this tension is now the decisions made by governments, businesses and institutions in instilling COVID-19 vaccine mandates. For example, 40% of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents in the nation’s airports and thousands of pilots have not reported their status with the deadline just weeks away (NBC News).

From recent CNBC article, the workplace disputes fell into four categories found by Seyfarth at Work:

  • Verbal and email/Slack/intranet altercations/arguments
  • Separation — people refusing to sit or work near one-other
  • Protest — conflicts between employees and managers over policies affecting vaxxed vs. unvaxxed workers
  • Angry online posts

Tensions continue to rise as constant news, data and anecdotal stories to support either side of the cause.

What could be the factor(s) to cut this tension and create a united community?

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