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Which COVID-19 Mandates to Follow?

Could politics, healthcare, and business decisions still provide good health outcomes to communities?

Implementation of President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement for federal contractors has now caught companies in between politics between State-level and National-level. The Governor of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, has signed an executive order this week to now ban COVID-19 vaccine mandates given by companies. This is in-contest to the President Biden’s executive order given on September 9. 2021 about COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

However, some companies are not planning to follow the State-level order. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have announced that they would not follow the executive order signed by Governor Greg Abbott on Monday banning COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Texas.

@AmericanAir and @SouthwestAir are two of the biggest airline employers in Texas, and as federal contractors, they stated that they are bound to comply with President Biden’s executive order.

Photo Credit: Passengers on an American Airlines flight during the pandemic. SANDY HUFFAKER/GETTY IMAGES

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