Mental Health Research

Reducing the Mental Health Weight on the Next Generation

Unaddressed mental health issues have been weighing on the young generation well before the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. An estimated 13% of 10-19-year-olds live with a diagnosed mental disorder globally.

ONLY 2% of government health budgets are allocated to mental health spending globally, (UNICEF)

Mental health action is needed: a comprehensive approach to promote good mental health for EVERY child, protect vulnerable children and care for children facing the greatest challenges.

Ways healthcare and technology can help are to improve data collection, routine monitoring, and research. The reality of children’s mental health and learnings in the field is one that is skewed heavily towards the world’s wealthiest countries (UNICEF, Henrietta Fore) – meaning we still know too little of how children and young adults in most places of the world experience mental health.

The potential strengths and support that diverse communities and cultures may be able to offer children and families could be the next wave of practice leadership needed to reduce the mental health burden for the next generation. .

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