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Climate change and Hurricane Ida

The situation with Hurricane Ida is very concerning especially with ongoing power outages and extreme weather conditions. Though recently downgraded to tropical depression yesterday, climate change helped make Hurricane Ida one of Louisiana’s worst storm.

Hurricane Ida still poses a major threat as it makes its way across the southeast with heavy rains that could trigger flash flooding from Mississippi to Appalachia. Several technology apps have been employed to use to help with the preparedness, response, and recovery, such as those by FEMA, harbor, American Red Cross (specific ones available like hurricane or first aid), and many more.

Recent report by United Nations IPCC states that warming from fossil fuel use and other human activities is likely behind an increase in the number of high intensity hurricanes in the past 40 years. Report also states that there is no going back from some climate impacts, but there is still hope to slow and stop some consequences if we act now.

Again, climate action is here and now. There is no more hiding the undeniable fact that our planet is getting warmer. Extreme heat is contributing to further preventable deaths.

Leads to this week’s ‘Sonny’s Straw Poll’ question:
Are you using a technology app to remain prepared against a disaster?

Waves crash against the New Canal Lighthouse on Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida made landfall on Sunday. (Michael Democker/Reuters)

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