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Latest rankings by Bloomberg News of Best and Worst Places to Be

Have you considered moving during the COVID-19 pandemic due to your local government’s response and/or local community’s caseload? Will FDA’s full approval of the Pfizer / BioNTech SE vaccine play a factor in the shift of US?

Latest rankings by Bloomberg News of Best and Worst Places to Be
had New Zealand which had been reigning Number 1 place to be, dropped to 26 spots due to recent strict lockdowns. The U.S. and Israel which were high-ranked as well, dropped down – pointing signs that recent new infection surges could be the reason of the shift. The current best place to be is in Norway.

Mental health and well-being of communities in a nation matter – which the Delta variant of coronavirus and the respective government response have altered to different degrees in many nations on how we live currently especially with reopening plans, progress and execution.

Leads to this week’s poll:

If you could, would you want to leave to live in the top five ranking places by Bloomberg: Norway, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland and Austria ?

Yes – please comment below
No – please comment below

Local residents in an observation area after being vaccinated in Oslo, Norway on Aug. 2. Photographer: Fredrik Solstad/Bloomberg

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